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David Sowerbutts My name is David Sowerbutts and I love serial killers. I first became fascinated with different ways of murdering wen I watched a program about all the best ones. I cannot say my favrites but they are normaly the ones that strangle.

This gallry gives you a taster of some of my personal best ones. You can find out what they did and how some of them were stupid and got cort.

My Fav Killers

Drawing of Albert

Albert Fish

This was a little old man that ate children. He said that their bums tasted nice. His worst one was a girl he cooked in a pot. He was daft though cos he wrote a letter on headed note paper and they got him by that. He ate them with onions and carrots. I wouldn’t like that because I don’t like vegetables.

I think its because when I was seven I had a potato with a maggot in it. Disgusting! I think that Albert Fish was the inspiration for Albert Steptoe. They even kept the same name, but changed him to a rag and bone man rather than a cannibal paedophile. Perhaps they thought it was funnier that way. We’ll never know.

Drawing of Ed Gein

Ed Gein

Edward Theodore Gein was the real life Silence of the Lambs. And also the real life Pschycho. And also the real life Texas Chainsaw Massacker. He was bullied at school and his mother used to scold him if he tried to make friends. My mum does that. He killed two or three but mainly he dug people up and invented things to do with bits of body. Searching his house, othorities found:

  • A lampshade made of skin (I got a Lecter Lamp)
  • Breasts used as cup holders
  • A chandelier of severed penises
  • A scrotum door knocker
  • A Christmas tree adorned with testicle ornaments
  • A window shade pull consisting of human lips
  • A vest made of a woman's torso
  • A belt made from several human nipples
  • Socks made from human flesh

Imagine wearing the skin socks!! I aways laugh at this. And a new meaning to Christmas ball baules!!

Drawing of David

David Berkowitz

He shot and killed eight people and blamed it on his neighbours dog who he said was possessed by the demon of an 800 year old Indian. As if. I wonder if he got the dogs jaw to move like on "That's Life" … "sausages"! … "Shoot that couple!"… "stab that man".

He is still inprisoned and when they did a film of him he was played by Danny DeVito. This was before The Penguin, but after Taxi. He called himself "the chubby behemouth" - but DeVito was fatter than the real Sam.

I don't know why they called him Son of Sam because his dads name was Tony. Perhaps this is what got him mad in the first place. When people call me sasquatch or big foot I get mad as well. They wouldn't say it if they were by themselves. They wouldn't do it if they knew about my list. Ha ha.

Drawing of john

John Wayne Gacy

Gacy was known as "The Killer Clown" because he loved MacDonalds food. Not really. He was a clown in real life and was called Pogo. He killed 33 men and boys and buried them in a crawl place under his house.

He is also in the Guiness Book of Records for having the longest sentence imposed on a murderer. He tried to get a way with saying he was insane but they said he wasn't cos he was good at drawing and must have known what he was doing when he was killing all them lot.

His brain was removed afder his death but upon inspection it there was nothing wrong with it. I don't think they bothered putting it back after that. About killing people, he said, "…it's like pulling the wings off a fly or the legs off a daddy longlegs .... You just want to see what happens." I understand this.

Drwaings of Dennis and Jeffrey

Dennis Nilsen and Jeffrey Dahmer

I'm doing these two together because they did the same crimes and even had the same glasses. They killed young men and were both gays. Nilsen used to keep the bodies sat about in chairs and watch Top of the Pops with them. He just wanted company.

And Dahmer tried some experiments on them like drilling there heads and putting bleach in. (I once tried this with a dog - nothing seemed to happen).

Nilsen was cort by blocking the drains with bits of chopped up body that he flushed down the toilet. You would never get away with it in our toilet. Im always blocking it. Mam says I use too much paper and I shouldn't just keep wiping and wiping.

Dahmer liked standing in the shower with all the entrails round him in the bath . I can only think they kept his feet warm. He would have to be careful not to slip. Dahmer was finaly cort wen one of his victims got away and told the police on him. They found a big blue barrel with loads of body bits in it. Nilsen was poorer and had his in black bin bags when he was got.

Drawing of Albert

Albert Desalvo

There has always been doubts as to whether DeSalvo really was the Boston strangler, but I think it's a shame not to think it was him - so I just do. He killed thirteen women in total but his modul operander was so different, serial killer experts think his crimes were not able to be the same man.

He was definitely a rapist though - so that's something. I like strangles because any one can do them - and there's always something handy - even the wire on my phone charger would do it. Or the cord of my mum's night dress.

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