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Post Your Murder Questions here. I will endever to reply to all of your queerys - but can’t always get on the computer if I get one of my headaches. The screen seems too bright and I just need to sit in the dark.

It’s a bit better if I press a pillow onto my eyes. They did tests but they just proved my arms are too big.

if you have an urgent murder fact querey use my cyber chat bot


Hi David… I have a question about the most ever victims of a serial killer? How many is that and who did it! Great site - many thanks.

Gacylover, Miami

Hello Gacylover,
Good question - and actually there is no clear answer. You have to look at what you think a serial killer is. Vlad Tepes (or Vlad the Impaler) killed thousands of Turks and nailed their tubans to their heads, and your name sake Gacy killed thirty three boys; Henry Lee Lucas is attributed a couple of hundred women, but we think he was lying a lot. So its really hard. Modern day ones are usually around the thirties… but some mass murderers go into the hundreds. Shipman of course - was supposedly in the hundreds wasn't he?

Who was the one who killed people in a bath?

Murder Boy2002

John George Haigh - the acid bath murderer. Although he actually used the bath to dispose of the bodies and he murdered by shooting them with a .38 Webley revolver. George Joseph Smith was the “Brides in the Bath” murderer and he did drown his victims in the bath by raising their knees whilst they were under the water. To this day - most people would rather have a shower.

Name three killers beginning with Jack… ripper not allowed!

Jill, Uk

Thanks Jill - there has been no other murderers called Jack. Spring heeled Jack existed but people thought he was also the Ripper. And there have been John’s… Christie, Haigh, Inman. (Last one was a joke).

Hey david, Are you single - would love to meet up for a coffee and talk murder?

Billy, Suffolk

Hello Billy - are you a man or a woman?

Hi David, why are most serial killer men - can’t they catch the women!

Creepyguy, Texas

Hello creepy Guy,
They got Eileen Wuornos - but she turned out to be an actress. And there was Countess Elizabeth bathory - who bathed in maidens blood to keep young. But this was in olden times before oil of Ulay so she was released.

Hi David,
Its me again I am male.


Hello Billy,
No I don’t want to meet up. Any girls that want to meet me for a coffee can pm to make arrangements though. Please attach up to date photo.

Dear Mr Powerboats,
My daughter was the victim of a very famous US serial killer - and as a victim myself, I think this site and your horrible obsession with murder and killers is reprehensible. All you are doing is glamourising killers and murder. These people devastate lives and should not be put on pedestals and given celebrity status. I am shocked at the level of interest you have and will endeavour to have this site closed down.

Ms. C Reilly, Los Angeles

Dear Ms Reilly,
Firstly my name is “Sowerbutts” not “Powerboats” so get your facts rigt. You cannot stop me writing and having an interest in murderers and killing and that. I am sorry a real one got your daughter - who was it … I am guessing it was Richard Ramirez - the Sacramento Vampire? Could you give me details of the killing? I will not publish them here of course. You can post them to me privately. Other people have tried to get the site closed down , but mainly because of my spelling - which I know is poor. But the internet is full of sites like mine - why pick on me? I didn’t kill your daughter. Get over it. Next question plese.

Who came up with the term “serial killer” please?

D. Glint, Australia

Dear D. Glint,
Credit for coining the phrase "serial killer" is commonly given to former FBI Special Agent Robert Ressler, one of the founding members of the Bureau's elite Behavioral Science Unit (aka the "Mind Hunters" or the "Psyche Squad"). He thort of it when describing crimes committed in series… for example a series of rapes, burglaries or arson. Or drinking a series of smoothies like I do - mango, pinaple and quava. Hope this helps.

Ressler can be seen in the film “Silence of the lambs” - talking to Starling at the beginning.

Dear David,
What, so you don’t want to meet me because I am a man???? What is your problem? Are you afraid you might find me attractive? Me thinks the Lady doth protest too much. Gay basher. You sound like Dahmer.

Billy (A MAN)

Dear David,
Just read Billy’s post. It seems pretty desperate to make a link between you and “gay bashing” - pay no attention to him!! And by the way - who is your favourite killer?

Alice Mayes, Dorking, UK

Hi Alice,
My favourite killer is probably Jack the Ripper. I like the costume and the fact there is still such a mystery surrounding the case. But my favourite METHOD is strangles. I don’t mind gay people - but just don’t want a coffee with one.

#Post deleted by administrator#


Dear Forum Members,
After a lot of thought I have decided to close down the website and forum. I can’t be doin wiv it. David.


No - no - no!!!!! YOU ARE APRECIATED!!!!!! I would be lost without your site - and I have met so many people on here who I now call my friends. Of course Ive never met any of them, but in a virtual way - I have a full life cos of you guys. I beg you not to shut down the site… WE NEED YOU DAVID!!! CHEER UP!!! XXXXX

Ghoul_Lass23, Edmonton

Dear David,
I second everything Ghoul_Lass has said! We all love your site and it would be such a shame if you close it down. You have built up a real community on here - PLEASE don’t get rid of it! What will I do at night? Probably go out and kill people ha ha !! Just ignore Billy and that woman - they’re just bitter. Now lets get back to the matter in hand - KILLLLLERRRRSSSS!!!!

Peter_Kurten, Germany

To David,
As a lurker I haven’t posted much on here - but just wanted to say- I really hope you don’t close down the site. It is a great source for me and a point of contact with the world. I am severely disabled and reading these posts about all the murderers and their methods always cheers me up. You make me chuckle with your witty answers - so please think of me before you press that delete button!! You are very important to a lot of people.


Dear Forum,
As I am clearly not good enough and a bad person - and you all carry on without me. Maybe someone else can takk over it al.


Boo Hoo for you! You try and blame me for closing your site down - and yet here we are all still posting on it! If you are going to do it - DO iT! Not just wait around for all the members to beg you not to! Its pathetic attention seeking from a gay hating saddo!

Billy the Kid

To Billy
Get out of here! Why do you come in here and stir up trouble? David is doing no harm to any one - and is certainly not “gay hating” as you put it. Perhaps it is you that hates gays - and can’t accept your self for what you are. Maybe you should change your name from “Billy” to “Bully”!!

Ghoul_Lass23, Edmonton

I am back again -
Been talking to mam and she has saif \I must carry on wiv the site as it gets me from under her legs to do the hovering. So I will be hapy to carru on with your questions.

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